Winter Is Coming: The Checklist

Winter Is Coming: The Checklist

Those of you in seasonally temperamental climates can probably tell by the crisp, dank air and the flamboyant trees, that fall is upon us! For me this time is always marked by a little sadness that the active outdoor growing season is over and also excitement about slowing down and getting hygge. With the ever-growing unpredictability in weather and temperature, I’d rather be over prepared than under prepared. This is my fall checklist (because nobody tells you this stuff when you buy a house).


When your roof is exposed to heat from the inside during the winter, water run down to the eaves, where it freezes and creates ice dams. They are an awful thing to contend with once the weather is cold and can do serious damage to your house, so double check your attic now. You probably don’t have to do this every year but better safe than sorry!

Get Your Furnace Serviced

Whether you own or rent, you should make sure your furnace is serviced before winter. It helps prevent any issues before the cold weather and adds to the lifespan of your furnace. There are differing opinions about how often to do this based on the age and type of your furnace but generally every one to two years is recommended.

Set Your Thermostat

If you don’t have a digital thermostat, you may want to consider buying one. The ability to program your heating system can save you on heat and make sure the house is cozy when you get home from work. Smart thermostats are great because they learn your habits and you can set them remotely but regular digital thermostats are great too.

Check Your Smoke & CO Detectors

If you don’t already have a reminder to change the batteries in your detectors, fall can be a good time to do that since you’re already checking other things off the list. If this is something you do in the summer or spring, you should at least give them all a test.

Remove Hoses and Turn off Outdoor Spigots

Allowing your hoses to freeze with water in them can render them useless in the spring. Depending on how well your pipes are insulated, you may want to turn off the water going to the outdoor spigots as well. You can also run your hands behind any exposed pipes on exterior walls in the basement to ensure there are no drafts hitting them directly. If there are, those cracks should be sealed.

Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

Covering or putting your outdoor furniture inside will significantly add to its life. Outdoor furniture is surprisingly expensive and its worthwhile to protect it. The elements can do a number on anything left outside that’s not winterized.

I hope this list is helpful - now go outside and get some sunshine before it’s so cold you don’t want to leave your winter-ready house!

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