About The Postmodern Homemaker

The Postmodern Homemaker is about good food, good parties and a good-looking home. The PMH infuses the pride of the homemakers of yesteryear with half the time and twice the ingenuity. The Postmodern Homemaker is a boss at work who also sews like Grandma and is handier than Grandpa. The Postmodern Homemaker works, creates, designs and kicks ass. If this is you or someone you want to hang out with, we are here to guide you, learn from you and love you for the badass human you are.



Abigail is a third-generation artist who grew up in a wood shop wielding power tools and learning to use the wrong tool for the right job. A UI designer by day, she spends the majority of her free time away from her computer designing, building, sewing and growing things IRL. She has a taste for good bourbon and an eye for good fabric. She is a trained seamstress who someday will go to carpentry school. She’s a well-mannered girl with a mouth like a sailor who loves to entertain and lusts after the customs and styles of years gone by. When she’s not busy making stuff, she’s playing sweet country tunes on her banjo or ukulele. Most of her projects these days are for her 1920 time capsule house in the hills of Medford, MA.


Stephanie’s love for crafting, homemaking and cooking can probably be traced back to her family roots. She grew up wearing clothes made by her mother and grandmother, sewing handkerchiefs for no one to use and eating raw brownie batter from an Easy-Bake Oven. After taking high school home economics from a grand Southern dame, Stephanie also developed a love for entertaining, homemaking and pointless rules about both that should be followed anyway because what are we, cavemen? Now the proud owner of a 1920s craftsman bungalow in Memphis, Tenn., Stephanie’s latest passions are yard projects, home updates that respect period architecture and attempts at clean cooking and eating.